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31 Aug 2001

Ewan Easton, 19, from Bearsden in Glasgow, has died after a fall in the French Alps near Grenoble. He was climbing in the... Read more

29 Aug 2001

A 10-year-old girl saved her injured father who fell while climbing with her in Austria.The German girl was with her 39-year-old... Read more

29 Aug 2001

A while back, the BBC advertised for anyone who wanted to take part in a reality-TV SAS-style survival skills show. That included... Read more

23 Aug 2001

thumb Starting tomorrow [August 24], Sir Chris Bonington will be relaying back his exploits from the \"unclimbed, unexplored\" mountain... Read more

17 Aug 2001

The BMC is calling for a full public inquiry into FMD, saying it is concerned that the three (!) inquiries announced aren't... Read more

15 Aug 2001

Two British climbers have been shot and wounded by French gypsies, after they turned up at what they thought was a public... Read more

14 Aug 2001

Klem Loskot might be good on dry rock, but the Dorset deep water stuff is maybe different. But what we like is, he\'s always... Read more

10 Aug 2001

Six Sheffield-based climbers have climbed Torssukatak Fjord\'s stunning \'Baroness\' wall in a three-week visit. The 600m... Read more

4 Aug 2001

The Stanage bus service, intended to be an environment- and climber-friendly way to get folk from the centre of Sheffield to the... Read more