December 2002 Search News

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30 Dec 2002

One of the most important international prizes in mountaineering, the Piolet d'Or is awarded on 5 February 2003 in Paris. Out of... Read more

30 Dec 2002

Shaksgam and the North Side of K2 Steve Razzetti is one of Britain most experienced mountain travellers who has trekked much... Read more

17 Dec 2002

Dave MacLeod has climbed another difficult line in Scotland, this time on Whale Rock in Glen Nevis. 'Hold Fast' follows micro... Read more

12 Dec 2002 reports that Neil Gresham has repeated Equilibrium at Burbage South. The route, which was first climbed by Neil... Read more

11 Dec 2002 claims that locals in Nepal are unhappy over the reporting of British climber, Stevie Haston's 'kidnap' story,... Read more

6 Dec 2002

The world's first indoor dry tooling event will take place at Glasgow Climbing Centre on Saturday 8 March 2003. There are two... Read more

5 Dec 2002

In what could be described as a vain bid to try and tempt climbers back to its mountains next year, the Pakistan Government are... Read more

4 Dec 2002

The first USA Petzl Roc Trip was held in Bishop, California over the weekend (30th Nov). Over 500 climbers enjoyed a Chris Sharma... Read more

3 Dec 2002

So much for the grit E8s of the '80s being reduced to trade route status. Following Mike Weeks' plummet off 'Harder, Faster' (E9... Read more

2 Dec 2002

The second round of the A5 British Bouldering Championships took place at Preston at the weekend: Men's results 1. Gareth... Read more