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23 Mar 2014

thumb Ashima Shiraishi has spent some days in Catalunya finishing it all off with back to back ascents of Favela, 8c+, and Rollito... Read more

26 Nov 2015

thumb Ashima Shiraishi, 14, has made the first female ascent of Fred Nicole's razor crimp fiesta Terre de Sienne, ~8B/+, at Hueco... Read more

22 Mar 2016

thumb Ashima Shiraishi, 15 in a couple of weeks, has become the first female and youngest ever to climb an ~8C boulder by... Read more

26 Oct 2013

thumb 12 year old Ashima Shiraishi, from NYC, is the only woman, well... girl, to have climbed both 8c+ sport routes and 8B boulder... Read more

11 Jul 2014

thumb Ashima Shiraishi has repeated Fred Nicole's Golden Shadow, ~8B+, in Rocklands, South Africa. This means 13-year old... Read more

18 Mar 2015

thumb Ashima Shiraishi, still only 13, has managed to repeat Open your mind direct at Santa Linya, Spain. If confirmed at 9a+ post... Read more

28 Aug 2012

thumb 11 year old Ashima Shiraishi from New York city, who is in South Africa with Paul Robinson & Co. for the Chasing winter... Read more

3 Jan 2016

thumb So, some might say this is a piece of non-news, but I find it very interesting that Ashima Shiraishi, 14, came very close to... Read more

30 Apr 2015

thumb Back in March, Ashima Shiraishi, 13 years old at the time, made history by climbing two ~9a/+ routes in short time. First Open... Read more

25 Dec 2015

thumb Ashima Shiraishi has made the second ascent of Dai Koyamada's Phenomena, ~8B+, at Hinokage, Miyazaki, Japan. Santa... Read more

2 Jan 2015

thumb To no one's great surprise, Ashima Shiraishi, 13, has made the first female ascent of the notoriously crimpy The Swarm, ~8B+,... Read more

13 Feb 2013

thumb Recently on UKC we published a video portrait of Brooke Raboutou, the 11 year old American climber who has been climbing hard... Read more

4 Aug 2016

thumb Ashima Shiraishi has repeated Dai Koyamada's Sleepy Rave, a link up of Sleepy Hollow, 8A+, Cave man, 7C, and Dead... Read more

24 Dec 2014

thumb Ashima Shiraishi, 13, has repeated Dave Graham's A Maze of death, ~8A+, at the Bardini boulders in Bishop, CA. On... Read more

23 Mar 2015

thumb Proving her ascent of Open your mind direct the other day was not just blind luck, Ashima Shiraishi has now gone ahead and... Read more

25 Jun 2015

thumb While waiting for her project to dry, Ashima Shiraishi, 14, made quick work of Nordic Flower, ~8c/+, in the Hanshelleren cave... Read more

12 Oct 2015

thumb Ashima Shiraishi, still only 14, has made the second ascent of Matt Bosley's Nuclear war, ~8B+, in southern New York... Read more

3 Jan 2015

thumb Ashima Shiraishi (13) has flashed Swordfish Trombone, ~8A, at the Happy Boulders, Bishop, CA. The other day, on the first... Read more

21 Nov 2012

thumb In this amazing video we follow the then 10 year old Ashima Shiraishi's trip to Hueco Tanks, Texas in March, 2012. The video... Read more

27 Dec 2014

thumb Ashima Shiraishi has done both Blood Meridian, ~8B, and Babeurre, ~8A+, in a day at Bishop. As promised, 13 year old Ashima... Read more

12 Sep 2017

thumb The 2017 IFSC World Youth Championships took place in Innsbruck, Austria last weekend, where an unprecedented number of young... Read more

7 Oct 2013

thumb 12 year old Ashima Shiraishi has spent a few days in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky, where she has the habit of stunning the... Read more

27 Oct 2012

thumb 11 year old, Ashima Shirashi just keeps taking giant steps. Now she has repeated Joe Kinder's Southern smoke, 8c+, at the Bob... Read more

12 Apr 2010

thumb   8 year old Italian climber Tito Traversa (pictured right) has in the last few days ticked a spread of hard routes that... Read more

23 Oct 2012

thumb Many of the world's best climbers are now in or on their way to Kentucky's Red River Gorge, famous for its beautiful and... Read more

25 Sep 2017

thumb The fifth round of the IFSC Lead World Cup took place at EICA Ratho near Edinburgh this weekend. For the first time in 14 years,... Read more

29 Aug 2017

thumb The fourth round of the IFSC Lead World Cup took place in the historic climbing village of Arco, Italy last weekend. 19 year old... Read more

26 Feb 2017

thumb Margo Hayes has repeated Ramon Julián Puigblanque's La Rambla (extension), 9a+, at Siurana - Valley in Spain. This... Read more

17 Nov 2016

thumb GB Team members Tara Hayes (19) and William Bosi (17) recently won Silver and Bronze respectively in the IFSC World Youth... Read more

29 Oct 2012

thumb It should come as no big surprise to anyone that things have been going down in Kentucky's sandstone Mecca, the Red River... Read more

17 Oct 2017

thumb The latest round of the IFSC Lead World Cup took place in Xiamen, China last weekend. Team GB's Molly Thompson-Smith maintained... Read more

11 Aug 2014

thumb Angy Eiter has repeated Fragile steps, ~8B in Rocklands, South Africa. As a four times winner of both the Lead World... Read more

7 Sep 2015

thumb Last week saw a record number of young climbers from around the world take part in the IFSC World Youth Championships in Arco,... Read more

31 Dec 2015

thumb 2015 was a year of contrasting headlines in the climbing world. Our microcosm of climbing news reached the mainstream media in a... Read more

18 Feb 2016

thumb Alex Puccio has repeated the classic Crown of Aragorn, ~8B, as well as two 8A+'s and more in a very productive day at Hueco... Read more

24 Feb 2015

thumb Alex Puccio needed only one session to make the second female ascent, after Ashima Shiraishi, of The Swarm, ~8B/+, at the... Read more

10 Jun 2011

thumb Sasha Digiulian has been hitting the Lowdown headlines recently with her 8b+ onsight and her 8c+ redpoint. So this week's Friday... Read more

11 Nov 2012

thumb I guess this hasn't escaped many, but things have gone down in Kentucky's Red River Gorge lately. First there was, Ashima... Read more

10 Oct 2017

thumb Team GB's Molly Thompson-Smith placed 5th in the latest round of the IFSC Lead World Cup in Wujiang, China – her best... Read more

17 Mar 2017

thumb Melissa Le Nevé has made the first female ascent of Sébastien Frigault's Mécanique... Read more

17 Dec 2015

thumb Simon Parton has made the 5th ascent of Fred Nicole's Terremer, ~8C, at Hueco Tanks, Texas, making him the second Canadian,... Read more

12 Jul 2014

thumb Shauna Coxsey has repeated Bernd Zangerl's New Base Line, 8B+, at Magic Wood/Averstal, Switzerland. Today I climbed New... Read more