Olypmics 2020: Kyra Condie


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Shoreview, USA
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Kyra Condie (USA) Age: 24

Born and raised in Shoreview, Minnesota, Condie had USA Climbing legend (and fellow Minnesotan) Alex Johnson to look up to as she began her journey towards the top of the climbing world. Condie hasn’t yet entered the hallowed ranks of World Cup winners like her early mentor did, but with a World Cup final appearance and a PanAmerican Championship gold medal already secured, as well as Olympic qualification, she’s already making her mark at the business end of the climbing world.

Known for her aggressive, powerful climbing style, Condie is always a fun competitor to watch. That style might have come naturally to her but it was almost forced upon her when she had spinal fusion surgery in 2010 after being diagnosed with severe idiopathic scoliosis. After seeking several opinions from several doctors, she eventually found one who gave her the answer she wanted; that she’d still be able to climb at the highest level. In November 2019, Condie was able to complete the circle when she went back to him and told him that she was an Olympian.

Qualification route

Toulouse Combined Qualifier: 7th place

A true all rounder, Condie always looked like one of Team USA’s best bets for Olympic qualification. She didn’t quite make it into the Combined World Championships 2019, and Brooke Raboutou then took one of the USA’s two female Olympic slots there, only adding pressure for Condie to qualify in Toulouse. The pressure didn’t show because she looked on form through the Toulouse event and booked her Olympic ticket with room to spare.


Condie and her best friend (Canadian climber Allison Vest) have matching tattoos on their wrists.

UKC prediction

Having competed in all 3 disciplines for most of her career, Condie has a better all round skill set than many of her Olympic rivals. We think she’ll make the Olympic final, but not the podium.

© Eddie Fowke
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