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Our business is small. It employs one person.....Me. AND, I've just changed my name from homemade climbing stuff TO Obsessive Climbing Designs. ChristMAD DEal BELOW... Read On!

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chalk bag selection
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Orders received by the 5:00pm on the 18th Dec will be shipped by the 20th Dec (last day of guaranteed delivery 1st class post). Later orders will be taken and shipped ASAP, but the post office won't make any promises regarding delivery dates.

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: Buy one get one half-priced. PERSONALISED: We make personalised chalkbags with your name on, a logo, whatever you want. Get in touch.


I make the chalkbags out of recycled fabrics (as much as I can), I try to use responsible suppliers, I never scrimp on production quality and at the end of the year I'm giving 5% of net profits to a local Charity (The Wilf Ward Trust. It's a group of really nice folk who help people with learning difficulties and their carers) .

I believe that recycling is not the only way to help the environment.

If every year you buy a chalkbag and after a while the drawcord snaps or eyelet rips out, you have to replace it and throw the old one away, long term, that's clearly not great (financially or environmentally).

If you buy a HomemadeClimbingStuff chalkbag they're designed to last. Drawcords are not stitched in and are replaceable, the eyelets we use aren't eyelets at all, they're 'toothed grommets' (like the ones used in sailing) they bite into the fabric and are about a million times stronger than the normal ones....

These differences are only a small example of the thought and care put into making these bags, they're not thrown together in another continent with all the obvious issues that entails.

They're made in the UK by a climber.

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