ShAFF - Winning Films Announced

Dominic Green accepting the prize for the Best Film at ShAFF 2009 - Andy Parkin: A Life In Adaptation, 159 kb
Dominic Green accepting the prize for the Best Film at ShAFF 2009 - Andy Parkin: A Life In Adaptation
© Alan James
ShAFF - Winning Films Announced

At 7pm yesterday evening the winners of the 2009 ShAFF film awards were announced as follows. Judges were Niall Grimes, Katherine Schirrmacher & Ian Parnell.

Best Film - £300

Winner: Andy Parkin: A Life In Adaptation
Runner Up: Solo

Best Climbing Film - £200

Winner: On Sight
Runner Up: Grit Kids

Best Cultural Film - £200

Winner: Journey Of A Red Fridge
Runner Up: Tracking The White Reindeer

Best Adrenaline Film - £200

Winner: Journey To The Centre
Runner Up: Seasons

Best Short Film (< 10mns) - £200

Winner: Trip Box 3
Runner Up: If You're Not Falling

Best Spirit Of Adventure Film - £200

Winner: Solo
Runner Up: This Is The Sea 4 - Circumnavigation Of New Zealand's South Island

Best ShAFF On The Edge Film - £200

Winner: Riding Solo To The Top Of The World
Runner Up: Saving Luna

Two different selections of these films will be screening at 7pm on Sunday 1st March... 

Best Of ShAFF 1
Screen 1 - Sunday 1st March - 7pm
Trip Box 3 - Winner: Best Short Film
Andy Parkin - A life In Adaptation - Winner: Best Film
If You're Not Falling - Runner Up: Best Short Film
Journey To The Centre - Winner: Best Adrenaline Film

Best Of ShAFF 2
Screen 2 - Sunday 1st March - 7pm
Committed 2: Grit Kids - Runner Up: Best Climbing Film
Seasons - Runner Up: Best Adrenaline Film
Solo - Winner: Best Spirit Of Adventure & Runner Up: Best Film

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