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Product news by Sarah Stirling
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Alpkit will be at this years Cliffhanger Festival with a new climbing event just for kids and just for fun, but with a little bit of a competitive element.

Sarah Stirling reports:

Children love to climb. They have little fear although a shout of "look at me!" can often bring a shock to the on-looking parents when they see their child somewhere they really shouldn't be.

Alpkids on the Blocs, 85 kb

Alpkids on the Blocs is a fun climbing competition for children under 8 years old and their parents. The Alpkit climbers will show the children and their parents how they can work together to climb safely together on the 8ft high blocs as they attempt to complete 10 boulder problems. Bouldering does not use any ropes and some say is the ultimate expression of climbing. Any problem completed first time will be rewarded with 20 points. The points received will decrease the more attempts the child has on the route.

1st attempt = 20 points
2nd attempt = 15 points
3rd attempt = 10 points
4th attempt = 5 points

All children will receive 1 point for attempting any climb.

The accompanying adult must stay with the child at all times, helping and encouraging them as well spotting them in case they slip, fall or need a helping hand at any point. Alpkit climbers will show parents and guardians how to spot their child before they set off round the blocs. The climbs will be challenging and will make children think how to climb them but all the holds will be large so as not put excess strain on a child's body. No special footwear or equipment is needed to take part but close fitting clothing is recommended.

Lydia James climbing at Bamford, 108 kb
Lydia James cranking on the Grit
Sheffield climber, 7-year old Lydia James, on hearing the news about this climbing competition said, "I will be entering. But I want the big prize to be a Dalmation - a real one, a puppy." Lydia went on to say that she will be training for this event.

Every child that takes part will receive a free gift from Alpkit and Alpkit climbers will be on hand at all times to lend a helping hand.

At the end of the each day the points will be totaled up and the child with the most points in each category will be be crowned Champion of the Blocs.

Boys aged 6-8
Girls aged 6-8
Boys aged 4-5
Girls aged 4-5

If children are tied on scores, the child who completed the problems the quickest will be crowned the Champion.

Alpkids on the Blocs will be held in the main tent alongside the BMC's British Bouldering Competition and the Open Planet Fear Dyno Competition at Cliffhanger (see details below).

COMING SOON: Look out for the new Alpkids website from Alpkit

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Cliffhanger Festival 2009

Cliffhanger, the UK's biggest open air outdoor pursuits festival, will take place in Sheffield's Millhouses Park on July 11th and 12th. Last year, 15,000 people enjoyed the sunshine and atmosphere, tried sports from snowboarding to kayaking for free, watched sports pros compete, browsed the stalls and bargain-hunted in the outdoor gear area. The main climbing events are the British Bouldering Championships and the open Dyno Competition.

You can find out more about Cliffhanger at Most events are free once you've paid the £5 to get in (kids under 16 get in free).

Sarah Stirling Website Link, 29 kbSarah Stirling is a freelance writer and public relations consultant, specialising in outdoor sports and travel.

You can find out more about Sarah at

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