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Let us and other users know what your product experiences are.
For every review posted that meets our quality guidelines we will add 30 facewest reward points to your account! That will give you a £3 discount for each review on your future orders with us.

Quality guidelines:

  • Only one review per product per customer.
  • Each review must be minimum of 100 words of original content and be focused on the product strengths and weaknesses.
  • We manually review each submission, so please no spam.
  • You must have actually used the product!
  • Maximum 5 reviews per person.
  • Please note it may take 2-3 days for your review to be approved and the points added to your account.
  • Please be sure to focus your comments on the product.

Example of Good review is:

“Dakine Heli Pack: I purchased this pack for backcountry snowboarding. My other pack was too big for simple day riding, so I thought I would try a better size day-pack.
The Dakine Heli pack has just enough room for my Shovel, Probe, Water and a spare layer of clothing. It is small enough to be unnoticed even on chairlifts. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a simple day pack. The snowboard carry system works well, and it can also carry skis. Negatives: It's a bit small for bigger days out where you need to carry more food and clothing. Maybe consider the Dakine Heli Pro pack.

Example of a bad review:

“This pack is Ace.” or “This pack is rubbish”

To write a review just click on the “write a review” link on each product page.

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This announcement has been read 5,692 times

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