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MSA Rose Redpoint Auto-Belayer, 8 kb


Stop Use Notice
Redpoint and Auto-Belay Descenders
October 14, 2009

MSA very recently became aware of two incidents where climbers using Redpoint Descenders experienced rapid rates of descent resulting in injuries. Our preliminary investigation indicates an issue with the one-way bearings provided by our supplier, which may prevent the brakes from engaging during descent. Due to the nature of this condition, the users were not able to detect the problem before the rapid descents

This Stop Use Notice applies to the following descender units:

• All Redpoint Descenders (part numbers 10024873, 10027646, and 10027798) regardless of the date the unit was manufactured or last serviced,

• Auto-Belay Descenders (part number 10021806) manufactured or last serviced

The part number, date of manufacture, and date of last factory service of the unit is located on the white date of manufacture label affixed to the back of the housing.

Based on these findings, we are advising affected users to discontinue using the Redpoint and Auto-Belay Descenders indicated above. Please forward this notice

We regret this inconvenience; however, we recognize that this condition represents a potential safety concern. MSA will issue a follow-up notice shortly, after conducting further investigation into this matter. During our investigation, we will not be shipping any Redpoint Descenders currently on order or in for service, and we will not be taking any new orders.

If you have any questions, please contact MSA Customer Service at 1-800-MSA-2222 or 412-967-3000.

Very truly yours,
Charles J. Seibel, Jr.
Manager of Product Safety


Dear Redpoint Descender Operator/User

Please read the attached Stop Use notice.

This notice applies to all Redpoint Descenders made by MSA.

We are advised that there have been two recent incidents (one in Asia and the other in Australia) in which the climber has experienced a very rapid decent.

Initial investigations have not revealed any fault with the units in question.

MSA are currently undertaking a series of exhaustive laboratory tests of the units and their key components. Possible operator error or climber misuse are also considerations in their investigation.

MSA hope to determine the cause of the problem as soon as possible and intend to make a further announcement before 26 October.

Please note that the notice issued is a Stop Use Notice and not a Returns Notice.

Entre-Prises UK Ltd, as MSA's UK and Ireland Redpoint Descender Distributor and Service Centre, apologise for the concern and possible consequences that the issuing of this Stop Use Notice will have generated. We can assure you that we will keep you abreast of any developments over this issue as they arise.

Colin Boothroyd
Managing Director
Entre-Prises UK Ltd

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This announcement has been read 13,218 times

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