Vehicle Tracks in Scotland - Have Your Say

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The MCofS has been approached with reference to access along a number of Government-owned tracks; one in the north-west (Beinn Dearg), and five in the south-west (Galloway area). However, we cannot actively support (although we do not oppose it currently either) opening up new vehicle access based on our Position Statement (PS).

The relevant sections of the PS are:

1. “Principle of a long-walk-in is an effective protection mechanism” i.e. the more concentrated the foot traffic (or off-road bike) the greater the erosion and the greater impact the more people, which usually means the more accessible by transport
2. “Construction or upgrading of vehicular tracks should be avoided in remote areas” i.e. including widening to provide car parking and often tracks have little or no parking area which would mean restricting numbers somehow
3. “Unnecessary tracks should be removed” i.e. unnecessary for their original purpose, but some developers have used recreational use as a reason to build / retain tracks that have a negative impact on the landscape

Two Existing Examples: Glen Strathfarrar, Ben Nevis

  • So what do you think the MCofS position statement should say?

Please contribute – MCofS needs to know your views in order to represent them, especially if you are the silent majority!

Comments should be sent to hebe(at) by 15 December - please specify whether you are a Scotland resident and/or a member of MCofS.

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