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We love to wrap and we have wrapped so much stuff that we thought it would be fun if you tried to guess some of the things that we have wrapped. Some of the gift wrapped objects are straight out of our own warehouse, others were a little bit more ambitious in scale and audacious in execution. We are sure that you are going to have a festive ball trying to work out what we have wrapped, but just to make sure you are engaged to the maximum we are also giving away a Genesis iO mountain bike straight from their 2010 range.

Introducing this year's grand prize

Look, the iO is a single speed bike, huh? that's right it has just one gear... no untidy cables, no gear shifters, no complicated maths to optimise your ratios when bearing down on a steep hill.

Alpkit inspect the new 2010 Genesis iO , 130 kb
Alpkit inspect the new 2010 Genesis iO

"It's a simple way of enjoying the trails... hassle free riding."
Paul Errington - Team Genesis and Alpkit rider

The iO is a special bike, but the Alpkit/Genesis iO bike is one of a kind. Jim has lovingly pimped it up with some extra shiny bits and Alpkit graphics. So let us wrap it up there, if you want to simplify your riding experience and join the One Geared Generation .. this is your chance.

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This announcement has been read 5,670 times

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