Wild Country's 2010 UK Climbing Team Unveiled

James Pearson on The Walk Of Life E9, 91 kb
James Pearson on The Walk Of Life E9/10 7a

Always committed to the climbing scene, Wild Country has signed up some great new climbers for 2010 that will be using and testing our gear and representing Wild Country across the globe.

A big boost for the team is that James Pearson has renewed his sponsorship contract for the third season and will be heading up the expanded UK climbing team for 2010. One of the UK's hottest talents, James has put up or repeated many of the UK's hardest routes including The Groove E10 7b, Equilibrium E10 7a and Walk Of Life E9/10 7a.

James commented, "I'm really happy to keep working with Wild Country, their gear is the best there is and on many of my routes its performance has really made the difference for me."

While Jason Myers, UK Sales Manager at Wild Country, added, "James is an incredible climber who excels across many aspects of the sport, his dedication and skill make him the ideal partner for Wild Country and his feedback and testing help keep our kit, with James, at the cutting edge."

James isn't the only big name that will be gracing the crags in Wild Country gear, as the Wild Country team for 2010 also features plenty more amazing climbers. Newcomers to the team include gritstone fiend and strong all rounder, Jordan Buys; current British Bouldering Champion Ned Fehally; super talented trad meister Hazel Findlay; the incredible Kev Shields; as well as crack fiend Tom Randall and many more!

British Bouldering Champion for the 2nd Year Ned Fehally sends Careless Torque Ph. Richie Patterson, 61 kb
Ned Fehally sends Careless Torque

As well as the welcome new blood, the team also has a bunch of guys and gals whose breadth of experience is awesome and have been with Wild Country for a number of years, including plenty of world class climbing legends. And led by the bold and prolific super stars James McHaffie and Dave Birkett and featuring Malcolm Smith, Ben Heason, Katherine Schirrmacher, Miles Gibson and Mick Lovatt, we've got plenty of climbers who have set the bar, who've been there, seen it and done it.

So if you want to know why Wild Country gear is always cutting edge, why we don't stop until we've honed our kit to be the keenest, cleanest, lightest around, it is because the people using it demand it that way and will never settle for second best!

So click through to the Wild Country site to see more about our climbers.

And you can catch all the latest photos of our climbers on our photo gallery site

James MacHaffie on Manic Strain , 95 kb
James MacHaffie on Manic Strain
Jordan Buys on Black Car Burning E7 6C, 86 kb
Jordan Buys on Black Car Burning

You can see one of our climbers below, or you can see more on our Vimeo Site.

For more information visit Wild Country
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