Your Biggest Challenge Yet - Join Childreach International on an expedition to Aconcagua

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Climbers trek toward the summit, 147 kb
Climbers trek toward the summit
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The second highest of the seven summits, the ascent of Aconcagua is a challenge not to be taken lightly, yet for most that climb on behalf of Childreach International, it is the prior months of fundraising and the thought of the children they are helping which pushes them on, regardless of the extremities they face.

If you are up for the challenge of a lifetime then join our Expedition to Aconcagua leaving February 2011. It will be the experience of a lifetime, and what's more, volunteers can experience all this virtually for free. Money raised not only pays for all climbing expenses and flights, but also enables us to continue our international development projects around the world.

Challenge Events are an integral part of what Childreach International stands for. Thousands of volunteers have now fundraised with us, raising awareness about vulnerable communities in the developing world and directly tackling the problems and issues they face. This year, over 950 volunteers have signed up to one of our pioneering Challenge Events; whether it be trekking to the basecamp of Everest, the summit of Kilimanjaro, or the mighty Aconcagua, Childreach International offers events on a different scale to anyone else – a chance for a sense of adventure, to broaden your horizons and help the world develop.

The Second Highest of the 'Seven Summits'

Undertaking a gruelling mountain climb is perhaps one of the most rewarding ways to contribute toward sustainable development helping those children who are tackling the challenges faced in vulnerable communities. Many Childreach International volunteers continually express the incredible experience had while participating in a Challenge Event, recalling the floods of emotion felt when reaching the top of the mountain:

“As the sun came out and I saw where I was actually standing, tears came to my eyes, goose bumps ran up my arms, the view took my breath away. I felt like I was on the top of the world”
– Mona Friedrich Climb Kili 4 Kids 2009

Childreach International's mission is simple: helping children to unlock their full potential in the developing world. We work directly with communities striving for positive change and by working hand in hand with children and their families we provide sustainable solutions, leading to self sufficiency. Anyone who volunteers for us is an integral part of this vision, becoming a stakeholder in our charity and the lives of the 25,000 children we reach out to.

The latest challenge we've set you is certainly our toughest to date. Aconcagua Ascent is the first major mountain expedition organised by Childreach International. It is a chance for experienced challengers to pit themselves against the ultimate goal. Not only is the Challenge Event itself more difficult, but we've also set a fundraising target higher than any other. We are providing a year to raise £4500, as well as train and prepare for the demanding trek.

The summit of the "Stone Sentinal"

Cerra Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the western and southern hemispheres is soaring high on the Argentinian side of the Andes, functioning as a natural divide from Chile. Standing at 6,960m (22834ft) it is the second highest mountain of the renowned seven summits, dwarfed only by Mount Everest. It is also the highest point on the globe outside of the Himalaya. During the summer (our winter), the temperature hovers between -2º and +30º celsius and drops down to -15 º at night.

Due to the extreme weather conditions facing climbers during the winter months, trekking is only possible from November to March. At the summit of the 'stone sentinal' awaits 360 degrees panoramic views of the Andes along with an unparalleled sense of achievement. Even though Aconcagua isn't a technical climb, previous high altitude mountaineering experience is a pre-requisite and this expedition is only open to those who have some high altitude trekking experience.

Join the committed team that is embarking on a ground-breaking fundraising initiative, aiming to raise over £50,000 by January 2011. The satisfaction of raising this colossal amount will be met by a sense of achievement like no other, granted upon reaching the summit and completing the ascent up Anconcagua.

The individual target of £4500 will cover flights from the UK to Mendoza, Argentina (via Santiago, Chile or Buenos Aires, Argentina), accommodation in Mendoza prior to climbing the trek, trekking permits for each participant (acquired in Mendoza in person), services of trained English speaking mountain guides, accommodation and meals on the mountain, full first aid advise and use of pressure Chambers (at Base Camp) when required, as well as provide funding for our vital community based development projects in the countries we operate in. The Expedition will consist of approximately 15 climbers, and will be departing in February 2011.

Cerro Aconcagua

Contact or call 07793199017 with any questions or to sign up.

Childreach International is a registered UK charity, number 1132203

For more information visit
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This announcement has been read 4,654 times

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