Who is AMI?

Who is AMI?

AMI Winter Walking, 24 kb

The Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) is the representative body for professional mountaineering instructors. Currently the association has close to 1000 members who hold various mountaineering qualifications:

MIA (Mountain Instructor Award) holders

MIA holders are qualified to undertake all mountaineering activities in summer conditions. The association represents both trainee MIA holders (instructors who have undertaken MIA training but have not yet been assessed) and MIA holders who have passed their final assessment.

To start training as an MIA instructors must have first completed the Summer Mountain Leader Award. Only MIAs who have successfully completed assessment can become full members. Qualified MIA's can display the AMI logo for summer activities only.

UKC Article: Mountain Instructor Award

AMI Summer Walking, 33 kb

MIC (Mountain Instructor Certificate) holders

MIC holders are qualified to undertake all the mountaineering activities MIAs can offer but can also offer a full range of winter mountaineering activities. The MIC is the highest qualification under the UK awards system. To start training as an MIC instructors must first have gained the summer and winter Mountain Leader Awards and the Mountain Instructor Award.

The AMI again represents trainee MICs (instructors who have completed MIC training but not yet completed the MIC assessment) and MIC holders who have passed the final MIC assessment. Only MIC holders who have successfully completed their final assessment can display the AMI logo for winter activities.

UKC Article: Mountain Instructor Certificate

AMI Winter Scene, 15 kb

Winter ML (Winter Mountain Leader Award) holders

Some MIA holders may also hold the Winter Mountain Leader Award and can offer winter hillwalking activities. These instructors cannot display the AMI logo when offering winter hillwalking activities.

UKC Article: Winter Mountain Leader Award

More Info

More information on the activities offered by members, the qualification structure and the role of the association can be found on the AMI website (see below). All the latest AMI news can also be found in the quarterly magazine 'AMI News' which is available at many outdoor retailers or can be ordered direct from the website.

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