Outstanding support: NEW XS Edge Rubber

Vibram XS Edge, 117 kb
Scarpa introduce a range of rock shoes with new Vibram® XS EDGE rubber, which adds outstanding friction, stability for edging and durability.

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Developed for maximum support, Vibram® XS EDGE compound allows you to focus your weight on the tiniest of holds.

Thanks to improved plastic deformation resistance, Vibram® XS EDGE keeps its shape through hours of repeated abuse, whether in hot or cold weather.

Scarpa have also introduced a range of rock shoes using Vibram's new XS GRIP rubber see news item here: The Stickiest Rubber: XS GRIP 2

Thunder, 52 kb

More about the Scarpa Thunders...

Thunder Women's, 48 kb

More about the Women's Thunders...

Vapour, 47 kb

More about the Scarpa Vapours...

Scarpa rock shoes with new Vibram® XS EDGE rubber:

If you're tired of the pain from cramming your feet into tight shoes, then the new Thunders are the answer. Multi purpose rock climbing shoes, they are comfortable yet still offer good precision and support.

Meanwhile the new all-around high performance Vapour rock shoe offers precision, sensitivity and power. The asymmetric, moderately down turned shape offers great instant comfort.

For more information visit Scarpa
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