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Jules Littlefair, 76 kb
Jules has redpointed:
Raindogs, 8a, Malham Cove, September 2009
In Brine, 8a, Raven Tor, June 2008
The Ashes, 7c+, Kilnsey, April 2010
Just Revenge, 7c+, Anstey's Cove, September 2009

Jules has flashed:
Ma Queue Donald, 7b+, Gorges du Tarn, France, March 2010

British brand Podsacs are delighted to welcome Jules Littlefair to the team. Jules has been climbing for about 11 years now and enjoys all forms of climbing but it is sport climbing where she likes to really push her grade. In 2008 Jules went to live in Barcelona for 6 months, and whilst she was there started training with a climbing coach (something that it is very common to do in Spain). Although Jules is now back in the UK she still trains with the same coach, and travels to Barcelona every 2-3 months so that he can keep an eye on her progress.

"The training is hard, and it involves a big commitment of time and effort. I typically train 2-4 sessions a week indoors and climb outside both days at the weekend. On top of this I also have to fit in the odd run or two. But it is also great fun, and the improvement I am making is enabling me to realise my climbing dreams. There are many reasons I love climbing. I love the gymnastic movement, the problem-solving, the physical challenge, the feeling of satisfaction when you tick a hard route or boulder problem, being outdoors in the countryside, and the social scene. I guess you could say I am a bit of a fanatic!"

Jules works as a Spanish to English translator (something that she is almost as passionate about as climbing): "I love Spain and going back to Barcelona every few months is a great opportunity to soak up some of the Spanish and Catalan language and culture".

Jules is thrilled that she has been offered support by Podsacs. "I have been using Podsacs gear for years and just love it. It's made really well and I know lots of climbers that really rate it. I'm very much looking forward to being a part of the Podsacs team".

Visit the Podsacs website: www.podsacs.com

Jules Littlefair climbing Raindogs, 8a, at Malham Cove
© Stuart Littlefair
Jules Littlefair - Action Figure (ine)
midgets of the world unite, Nov 2006 © stuart littlefair
Iron Man
midgets of the world unite © stuart littlefair

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This announcement has been read 4,448 times

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