UK Availability of the Petzl Charlet ice tools - QUARK NOMIC ERGO

The new line of Petzl Charlet ice axes, 27 kb

Last week there was a discussion at about the availability of the new range of tools from Petzl Charlet. The dicussion is here: Topic - New Quarks.

Frank Bennett, Sales & Marketing Director at Lyon Equipment who distribute Petzl Charlet answers some of the questions asked in that discussion.


In early February Petzl launched to its trade customers the new 2010 Quark, Nomic and Ergo for delivery from September.

The Quark was a hammer only at that the time, but pressure from international distributors produced the Quark Axe but only after all brochures and workbooks had been printed. UK retailers and press have now been presented with both the Quark axe and hammer.

Lyon Equipment has had an initial delivery of the Quark and Nomic axes.

Worldwide demand on Petzl axe production has increased over and above expectations, it's a measure of the products' must have status.

Petzl are increasing production and thus endeavouring to meet supply; but the materials used are highly specialised as are the component suppliers, so regrettably lead times have a bearing on deliveries

There is only partial availability at present with full availability planned for early January 2011.

Present stock and partial deliveries are being allocated to retailers as best as possible.

Frank R. Bennett

Sales & Marketing Director, Lyon Equipment


VIDEO: Introducing The New line of Petzl Charlet ice tools - QUARK NOMIC ERGO

For more information visit Lyon Equipment
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