VIDEO: TNF Launches Game Using Facebook Places

TNF Basecamp Flyer, 177 kb

The North Face has launched a location-based social media game called 'Basecamps'. Players create a basecamp on a virtual mountain, and the aim is to reach the summit in order to win The North Face prizes. The first three people in the UK to reach the summit will win over £1,000 of products from The North Face, delivered to their door by the Basecamps van.

How does it work?

Players create a personal basecamp in Facebook Places using the Facebook application for mobiles. Each time they or their friends check into their basecamp, their character climbs further up a virtual mountain. A player's basecamp may be any real world location such as home, school or office.

Checking in at a North Face store gives the player a boost further up the mountain in a virtual helicopter. Incentives such as booster packs containing The North Face hats, scarves and other winter warmers help to fight the virtual chill. When the player reaches the last and final basecamp by midnight April 17th, 2011, instructions are sent on how to reach the summit.

Michele Scarano, Senior Digital Marketing Manager for The North Face, explains the theory behind the game: "Innovation is in the brand's DNA. This game allows our fans and consumers to experience our values in an interactive and fun way."

For more information visit The North Face
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