PODCAST INTERVIEW: Skyler Weeks, Dyno World Champion

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Bet You Didn't Know That! #1, 28 kb Skyler Weeks is the current world record holder for the Dyno and he is a wine taster by trade! Skyler is heading over for the annual Cliffhanger event which takes place on Jul 2 and 3 and plans to break his own world record (2.85m) for the 6th time in 6 years at the event.

Ahead of his trip (during which he hopes to finish off two uncompleted dyno projects at Wimberry and Stanage) Lissa Cook caught up with Skyler for a very informative interview which you can listen to here.

Part 1:
Heason Events podcast #11, Skyler Weekes part 1 (mp3)

Part 2:
Heason Events podcast #11, Skyler Weekes part 2 (mp3)

If the line isn't clear enough, or you find his American accent difficult to follow you can read a transcript of the interview here: http://www.heason.net/News_&_Blog/Blog/2011/06/16/Skyler_Weeks_Interview/

For anybody interested in taking part in the dyno competition at Cliffhanger we have changed the prize structure this year as follows:

Each Day: 1st Woman and 1st Man win £75 each, 2nd Woman & 2nd Man win £50 each, 3rd Woman & 3rd Man win £25 each (total £300 per day, £600 in all)

A Bonus prize fund of £400 will be paid to any New World Record Holders at the end of the weekend - if only the men's or women's record is broken then the holder will win £400; if both the men's and women's records are broken then each will win £200).

For more information visit Cliffhanger
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This announcement has been read 4,389 times

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