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Tendon "Master" 9.7
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Tendon is the new name for the range of dynamic and static ropes developed specifically for the climbing market by the long-established Czech Republic rope maker Lanex.

Whatever your climbing activity there is a rope to suit your needs. From ultra light 7.9mm half/twin ropes for hard-core alpinists to extra durable 11mm ropes for group use.

Unique features available include: Teflon® protection to the yarns; SBS braiding system whereby every strand of the sheath is braided individually, not as a pair which is normal. This creates ropes which are more wear-resistant and smoother to handle.

On some models, microchips are embedded in the rope ends to hold manufacturing details and give users the facility to add their own identification and inspection records for each rope. This is particularly useful for outdoor activity centres, group usage and professional users.


– Entry-model 50 metre Single Rope at a highly attractive price.

– Thinner, lower weight Single Ropes for sport and hard climbing.

– 10mm for smooth handling and wear resistance.
10.5mm for those seeking one all-round general climbing rope. 10.5i designed specially for indoor walls and repeated top-roping.

– A larger diameter (11mm) Single Rope with high safety factor (16-17 falls rating) designed for outdoor centres and multi-user situations.

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