NEW BRAND: Sherpa Adventure Gear in UK Shops From Autumn 2012

Sherpa Adventure Gear, 'the outdoor apparel manufacturer honouring the heritage and high altitude prowess of the Sherpa people', is due in UK shops from Autumn 2012, managed and distributed by Bradshaw Taylor. Brand ambassadors Kenton Cool and Neil Gresham offer their thoughts on the gear.

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“There is no doubt that my successes on Everest would never have happened without the Sherpa people," said Cool. "They are some of my most cherished friends, people who I would risk everything for in the knowledge they would risk everything back. Out of these people and landscape has sprung a brand that has its roots deep in the hearts and minds of these amazing people.”

Gresham said: “I think Sherpa Adventure Gear are one of the world's most exciting new outdoor brands. Bursting with youth and vitality, yet at the same time underpinned by centuries of wisdom.”

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More about Sherpa Adventure Gear:

Sherpa Adventure Gear was founded in 2003 by Tashi Sherpa, whose uncle was one of the Sherpa on Sir Edmund Hilary's first-ever expedition to the summit of Everest in 1953. Sherpa athlete-ambassadors test and help design Sherpa Adventure Gear products, most of which are manufactured in Nepal. The range is currently sold in the US, Canada, Italy, Austria, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, Dubai, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela.

The company employs over 150 people in Nepal. The main headquarters are in Washington, but the brand also has downtown Kathmandu headquarters, which houses offices, a flagship shop and The Terrace bed and breakfast. Two more shops opened in 2010 in Namche and Pokhara, Nepal. Sherpa Adventure Gear also gives back to the Sherpa community through its Paldorje Education Foundation. A portion of every sale funds educational and social initiatives, such as scholarships for Sherpa children.

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More about Bradshaw Taylor:

Bradshaw Taylor will be managing Sherpa Adventure Gear's sales, marketing, distribution and logistics in the UK, all of Europe (except Italy and Austria) and Scandinavia. The brand currently also look after Keen, Icebreaker, Royal Robbins and Timbuk2.

Corry Taylor, Managing Director of Bradshaw Taylor Ltd, said: “Tashi Sherpa, who owns and founded this inspirational brand, received a standing ovation from our whole company after presenting the brand and its remarkable ethos to us. This is one of the most interesting, authentic, compelling and emotive brands I've ever seen. It's steeped in the heritage of the Khumbu and Everest with vibrant colours. Working Sherpas test all the products on the mountain for a minimum of six months. Retailers and end consumers alike once touched by the brand will feel compelled to get involved as we have.”

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Tsedo Sherpa, daughter to company founder Tashi Sherpa, introduces the new Sherpa brand including the fsdcinating story of their origin and ethos.

Kenton Cool on the Sherpa Krititech Jacket

For more information visit Sherpa Adventure Gear
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