REMINDER: Petzl Scorpio Via Ferrata Lanyard Recall

Petzl Scorpio Recall 1, 24 kb

Has your Petzl Scorpio via ferrata lanyard been inspected following the May 2011 recall procedure?

Please note this is a REMINDER not a new recall.
Read about the original recall in this UKC News Item from May 2011.

On May 24, 2011, Petzl launched a recall for inspection of all Scorpio lanyards manufactured up to serial number 11137****.

As of 1st December 2011, 70% of lanyards up to 11137** have not been submitted, Petzl wants to emphasise the importance of this recall for inspection.

Check your serial number:

find your serial number here

What to do:

If you own or know someone who owns a Scorpio via ferrata lanyard that has not been inspected, please:

1 Immediately stop using it!

2 Contact the Petzl distributor in your country to have it inspected (

For UK and Ireland please email your address and phone number to

Has your lanyard been inspected?

See the diagram below.

The inspected lanyards are identified by a green sticker or a label reading 'OK' or 'CONFORME'.

Petzl Scorpio Recall 2, 33 kb

For more information visit Petzl/Scorpio Recall
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