VIDEO INTERVIEW: Life On Hold Premiere At ShAFF

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The next Alastair Lee? Interview with Outcrop Film's Nick Brown.

In the video below, Lissa Cook talks to Outcrop Film's Nick Brown ahead of the premiere of Life on Hold at the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (9-11 March) about the making of the first UK full length feature bouldering film in a decade, his plans for the future and Sheffield's growing reputation as the Adventure Capital of the UK.  

Nick promises 'Life on Hold'  will be ready in time - even though he and co-producer Richard Sharpe would like to get one more sequence in the bag!

Nick also salutes Wide Boyz Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker's recent ascent of Century Crack - the world's hardest wide crack. Tom and Pete will be giving a lecture /slideshow at the ShAFF Expert Climbing Night at Sheffield's Showroom Cinema on Thursday 23rd February.

Festival Director Matt Heason says: “Nick's way to modest to claim he's the next Alastair Lee but he's showing loads of promise. It's incredible that he's so young and I can't wait to see what films he makes over the next few years. The trailers for 'Life on Hold' look amazing and I can't wait to see it on the big screen at the festival. If you want to see what else is in store, then check out Alastair's trailer which has become his most watched video ever on YouTube with more than 90,000 hits.” 

Check out the full climbing programme on UKC news.

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