Wild Country Support The Hope Project

Wild Country are pleased to send some gear to help with starting to re-build the stock that the Hope Project lost in its fire.

Wild Country Gear for the Hope Project, 166 kb
The gear donated by Wild Country

Marketing Manager Richie Patterson commented:

"We have tried to give a selection of gear to get things going so that at least you can take few people out top roping - with some super strong 360 helmets, some 'one-size-fits-all' harnesess, as well as slings, biners, belay devices and some shoes too. We'll also be sending some nuts and things for setting belays. Unfortunately we don't have ropes but we're going to nudge some people that do to try to help get some. We'll also keep an eye on our stocks and when there's some more bits and pieces we'll try to send some more gear. And as a personal message to Sam I started climbing at a resource like yours in Sunderland a very long time ago...and you don't forget the dedication of the people like Sam who make things happen for people less fortunate!
I'd also like to say a big thanks to UKC for publicising this tragic event and a shout to Sam, and everyone like him, who give their time to give people a chance to do what many of us take for granted - enjoying the outdoors!"

Sam Farmer commented:

"To all the guys at Wild Country we are totaly in your debt, thanks from the kids and ourselves, this equipment means that Kowatha (a Penzance minority group), as well as the Unity boys club, and Methodist club can still go climbing and the Hope Project can live on. It's amazing seeing the middle classes helping the youth that otherwise would have thought had forgotten them and a lesson to us all to not be to fast to judge but always be quick to help - you and UKC are are an inspiration and thanks to you both"

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