Mammut Announces 'The Race Along The Ridge'

As part of the Peak Project to celebrate Mammut's 150 year anniversary, Mammut UK is proud to announce 'The Race along the Ridge'. Next week, teams from two of Mammut's UK retailers – V12 in Llanberis and The Square in Hathersage - will travel to the Isle of Skye to race one another along the Cuillin Ridge.

The Cuillin and Loch Coruisk from Sgurr na Stri, 128 kb
The Cuillin and Loch Coruisk from Sgurr na Stri
© Dan Bailey -, Sep 2010

UKC'ers will be delighted to learn that David Lama has not been invited. Fixed lines will not be used so there's no danger of lines being left behind. Excessive use of chalk will not be tolerated.

Regular customers to V12 and The Square will have met the Adonnis-like staff so won't be surprised to read that the teams are at the peak of their fitness and regularly push the boundaries of rock climbing.

For those that haven't met these 'mountain men' allow us introduce you:

James Turnbull – The Square

James mainly goes climbing.When he's not climbing, he's thinking about climbing. In order to train for the event, he has occasionally managed to not go climbing and do some running. He has also incorporated painting ceilings and mowing lawns in to his 'regime' to give some variety. His recent 30th birthday party offered some excellent training in coping with dehydration.

Mammut announces ‘The Race along the Ridge’ #1, 107 kb

Phil Applegate – The Square

Phil used to play rugby and is therefore extremely used to running around in close proximity to other sweaty men. His training has mainly involved wearing shorts throughout the winter in order to 'toughen himself up'. As with James, his dehydration training is going very well.

Gareth Aston – V12

Gareth has been running for 8 years now although some people argue that 'running' a website doesn't really count and they're not even sure if he's managed that. He occasionally gets out to the crag but the wind has to be right otherwise he may be in the wrong place to see people climbing on them as he flies by on his paraglider. With the imminence of the race he has started to train and reported recently that he has adopted a new healthy regime. The deliveries of cases of wine have now halved and we only eats fish and chips three times a week.

Jim McCormack – V12

Jim has been running for some years now, probably since around July 6th, 1994. The bakery across the road from the shop has been the principle beneficiary of Jim's running exploits, fuelling his (non) sport climbing thighs with welsh cakes, pancakes, and pretty much any other cakes in exchange for what little wages he does earn when he can be bothered to turn up for work.

UKC will be covering the Race and will report back on their return.

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