Volunteer Needed For BMC Climbing Recycling Project

The BMC is supporting a pilot project to see if there is a commercial model for recycling climbing ropes and other equipment like helmets and hardware. We're looking for volunteers interested in a career in sustainable business.

Ropes, 88 kb

Wouldn't it be nice if there were somewhere I could take my ropes to be recycled? There are some interesting initiatives around for reusing and recycling outdoor stuff, like the Recycle Outdoor Gear project, and Patagonia has set the standard for sustainability in new outdoor clothing.

But what about the ropes, helmets and hardware climbers use?

That question occurred to Dan Firth, a hill walker and climber who has worked in sustainable procurement for various public and private sector bodies as an environmental consultant. That's when he contacted the BMC.

Over the last few months, with the BMC's encouragement, Dan has been doing some research on whether there might be a business in recycling gear, or perhaps a job or two, which are in short supply right now. From what he's found out, there are positive signs the idea is worth exploring further, and we now want to help him set up a trial project.

So we're looking for one or two bright sparks to set up a pilot in the Manchester area to test the viability of a business dedicated to recycling rope and other climbing equipment. It's an ideal opportunity for a recent graduate looking for experience on how to set up and run a social enterprise and learn about sustainability.

Interested? For the full story and how to apply, follow the link below.

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