VIDEO: Camalot X4 — coming Spring 2013

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Introducing the Camalot X4—the latest addition to the gold-standard Camalot family.

The Camalot X4 combines the single-stem flexibility and narrow head-width of our Camalot C3 with the four-lobe expansion range and holding power of our Camalot, making it ideal for pinned out cracks. micro-pods and horizontal slots.

The Camalot X4s expansion range is unrivaled thanks to its innovative Stacked Axle that provides the smaller sizes with double-axle expansion range without enlarging the head width. An armored cable, integrated cam springs, symmetric swage and hot-forged trigger bar round out the X4's innovative features.

Available Spring 2013.

Here is a video of the Camalot X4 designer, Bill Belcourt, describing the product to UKC at Friedricshafen Outdoor 2012.

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This announcement has been read 3,526 times

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