DOUBLE VIDEO: Gary Lineker and Jordan Climb The King Kong Wall

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Paul Cornforth of King Kong Climbing Walls is fast. At the moment he is second in the vet 45 category of the FRA's English Championship Fell Race series, with an impressive 14th overall position, and one championship race left to go, the Kielder Blast held in two weeks time.

Paul's speed was also important when Walker's Crisps came a-calling asking him if his Lake District based company, King Kong, could build a 22m high wall in London for an advert for their Deep Ridged Crisps starring Gary Lineker.

The wall, featuring ridges like the crisps, had to be built in 20 days. No mean feat, it would usually take three months to build a 22m high x 30m wide wall held up with with 30 tonnes of scaffold.

"The pressure was on", Paul told us. "We had 20 days because Walkers were renting the space and obviously it was very expensive being in the centre of London. If we hadn't built the wall in time for the TV shoot it would have probably bankrupted us as the penalty clauses in the contract were so high."

VIDEO: Sneak Preview of The Deep Ridged Walkers Crisps's on the TV tonight

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On the PR day, various stars climbed the wall - sited in The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane - including the boxer Amir Khan, Jordan, long-jump gold medalist Greg Rutherford and of course Gary Lineker.

Paul told us, "In one out take one of the crowd shouted to Gary, 'Go for the big jugs', Gary promptly leapt from the wall and was seen burying his head in Jordon's breasts.

It has to be said that Gary was pretty rubbish at climbing but amazingly Jordon was pretty unfazed by the whole thing."

The wall was also used for a speed climbing competition on 2nd September.

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VIDEO: Walkers Deep Ridged Challenge - Behind the Scenes

'Go for the big jugs', Gary promptly leapt from the wall and was seen burying his head in Jordon's breasts.

You can find out more about King Kong Climbing Walls at

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This announcement has been read 12,430 times

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