Winter Wall Special - UKC Climbing Wall Advertising Package

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Product news by Alan James - UKC and UKH
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With the winter climbing season approaching, now is the time to start promoting your wall and where better than on the UK's most popular climbing web site -

UKC Winter Wall Special, 82 kb

We are offering a new winter special package on UKC which should help you communicate all your future events, competitions and fulfil your recruitment requirements for the next 6 months. The package is easy to maintain and completely configurable to your needs.

Discount Price - £250 for a 6 month package (Normal price £575)

What's Included

2 Outdoor Industry News Items
This is advertorial that you write about your wall. A great place to promote a winter competition season, news about new developments, or just general news about what's going on this winter at your wall. Each article is accompanied by a thread on the Forums.

OI News item for climbing walls, 223 kb
A Wall News Item

4 weeks of Premier Posts
Premier Posts are prominent posts that appear on the top 5 positions of all of the Forums. The are great places to advertise short-term notices about competitions, lectures and other events at your wall. They are also extremely useful for Staff recruitment and each recruitment premier Post also includes an article on our Job Finder Page.

Premier Classified Listing
This is an enhanced listing on our Classified Directory. The enhancement means that your wall is presented in many extra locations across our site and is also returned at the top of search lists for local walls on both the web site and Finder App for iPhone. Due to UKC's excellent Google ranking, our Premier listings also come high up the page on Google searches. These factors contribute to an amazing click-through rate to your own web site from Premier Classifieds often of more than 20%.

Awesome Walls Premier Classified on UKC which has a click-through rate of 20.28%

Commercial Profile
If you are an active poster on the UKC Forums then a Premier Classified gives you the opportunity to have your wall web site address associated with every post you make. You can also include your wall in your profile name. This doesn't allow you to post free promotion threads on the site (you need your Premier Posts for that) but it does allow you to respond as a wall representative to questions, and post on other topics under your wall name.

Discount Price - £250 for a 6 month package (Normal price £575)

Contact UKC Advertising for more details

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