North Wales Winter Bouldering Aggregate at Beacon

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North Wales Winter Bouldering Aggregate at Beacon #1, 99 kb
Running throughout the winter months until the end of March 2013, the Beacon Climbing Centre Winter Bouldering Aggregate is a friendly bouldering competition for all abilities and ages.

With loads of bouldering problems at every grade, and a regular rotation of the problems, the bouldering aggregate is designed to provide endless sessions of fun bouldering. It is also an excellent way to increase your confidence and motivation, meet new friends and improve your overall climbing ability.

DMM Climbing and V12 Outdoor are providing generous support with prizes awarded to the top climbers in each category.

How does the aggregate work?

It couldn't be simpler! Purchase your aggregate score sheet from reception for just £2 (all proceeds donated to the North Wales Bolt Fund). Then just tick off the problems as you climb them!

For every problem climbed you will be awarded 1 point, so even if you climb the hardest problems, you still need to climb the lower grade problems to stand a chance of winning. Each problem in the aggregate is given a number, which is displayed next to the starting holds so when you have climbed it tick that number off on your score sheet.

Problems will last for approximately 6 weeks and new problems will be set regularly throughout the winter so there will always be fresh challenges for you. At the end of every session, please return your score card to reception when you leave, otherwise your points will not get recorded.

The problems

Each problem is colour coded depending on its level of difficulty (displayed on the bouldering info board at the centre). The starting handholds are indicated by double tags, as is the finishing hold. The coloured holds are used for both hands and feet - smearing on the blank wall is fine, and arêtes and volumes are allowed.

Each problem must be climbed "clean" from the start tags and finished with both hands on the last hold in a controlled manner. If possible please ask another climber to tick the box on the score card when you complete a problem. We rely on your honesty - we will not be checking up on you all the time... but remember big brother is watching!

Have fun and enjoy the problems!

For more information visit Beacon Climbing Centre
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This announcement has been read 2,236 times

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