UKC/UKH Readership Survey - Prizes

The big UKC and UKH Readership Survey is now underway and we have some great prizes on offer. We are asking you to fill out a single survey (either UKC or UKH) corresponding to the site you visit most.

Fill out the Survey here or fill out the Survey here

The Prizes

The current prizes on offer are below and these have a total value of over £1200 at retail price. We may get more prizes to add to this as the survey progresses so keep checking back. The survey will continue to the end of April and we will make the prize draw shortly after that in May. Everyone who completes 90% or more of the survey will be eligible for a prize draw.

Note - You can only submit one survey, either a UKC one or a UKH version, on a single user profile. Please don't register new profiles in order to fill out more surveys (and increase your chances of winning a prize) since our tracking software can spot this and we won't give prizes to accounts registered for this purpose.

New prize added - March 13th

Make Your Own Alpkit Pad

The people at Alpkit have come up with this fantastic additional prize for the Readership Survey. They are inviting the lucky winner to their factory near Nottingham to spend a day making a personalised bouldering pad. Read more.

Make your own bouldering mat at Alpkit 1, 84 kb

6 Helium Friends

We have lots of cams up for prizes including this set of 6 Helium Friends. These superb and popular devices will make a welcome addition to every trad climbers' rack and let's face it, you can't have too many cams! UKC Review. RRP over £250!UKC/UKH Readership Survey Prizes - Set of Helium Friends, 17 kb

6 BD Camalot X4 Cams

More cams up for prizes here with these brand new Camalot X4 cams the latest addition to the BD range, so new they aren't even in ths shops until this summer! Video here and UKC Interview with Bill Belcourt the designer. RRP over £390!UKC/UKH Readership Survey - Prizes BD X4, 14 kb

Jetboil Flash

This brilliant all-in-one cooking vessel and burner - more info. This normally retails at an RRP of £105. UKC/UKH Readership Survey Prizes - Jetboil Flash, 26 kb

Scarpa Instinct VS

This is new version of the popular Instinct rock shoe with the VS standing for Velcro Strap, not the VS grade! They are a top end all round shoe for climbers who do a bit of everything - UKC Video. We have one pair on offer and they have an RRP of £120. UKC/UKH Readership Survey Prizes - Scarpa Instinct, 10 kb

Brunton Ember and Bump (2 prizes)

We have two of these clever compact power storage units with integrated solar charging panel. Great for those who want to keep their phones and devices fully charged while out for long periods in the hills - more information here. The RRP for the Ember is £75, and for the Bump is £35 and we will be treating this as two separate prizes.UKC/UKH Readership Survey Prizes - Brunton Ember and Bump, 10 kb

10 CAMP Photon Quickdraws

CAMP have given us 10 Photon Quickdraws. These are the workhouse sport climbing quickdraws from CAMP, not as light as their Nanos, but still coming in at a very respectable 82g per quickdraw - more information. Two 5 packs would have a RRP of £150 together which we are offer in a single prize.UKC/UKH Readership Survey Prizes - CAMP Photon Quickdraws, 24 kb

Marmot Long Haul Duffle

A useful Marmot Long Haul Duffle bag. Great for keeping all your gear in place on flights while solid enough to put up with some rough treatment. The RRP of this is £85 and we have 1 bag on offer in bright green.

UKC/UKH Readership Survey Prizes - Marmot Long Haul Duffle, 12 kb

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