SteepEdge, LoveFilm for Climbers

The brainchild of Brian Hall and John Porter (also founders of the Kendal Mountain Film Festival), the SteepEdge website was launched 18 months ago, presenting an extensive library of adventure films to download or stream online.

Chasing Winter, 44 kb
Life on Hold, 38 kb
Stone Monkey, 40 kb

SteepEdge is now based out of Sheffield and, as would be expected, is host to the world's best climbing films – both old and new. Recent classics such as Wide Boyz and Al Lee's The Asgard Project complement an extensive back catalogue of films, such as Everest The Hard Way, Kukuczka and The Real Thing. New films are being added weekly, as SteepEdge builds a definitive collection of online adventure films, from mountaineering history to elite bouldering, for both entertainment and reference.

SteepEdge, 58 kb

Many films, such as the infamous Stone Monkey and Best Forgotten Art, which were previously only available on VHS or DVD, are now available to watch online for the first time, and we continue to work to unearth and make available archive footage. If you think there's an old film you'd like to see on SteepEdge, then drop us a line.

Wideboyz, 34 kbBirdman Cover, 31 kb Jen Randall's film Push It is a great example of grass roots filmmaking, and joins Life on Hold, Driven to Despair, cycling film Line of Sight , and surf movie The Endless Winter as independent productions on SteepEdge. We also have bouldering star Paul Robinson's recent films Chasing Winter, The Schengen Files and Welcome to the Hood.

Though currently climbing centric, we delve into other genres. Birdman of the Karakoram documents Alun Hughes and John Silvester's tandem paraglider journey across the 7,000m mountain range. Kayaking, caving, skiing, board and mountain biking are all featured on SteepEdge and we are concentrating much of our efforts on bringing more films from these genres to the site.

There is also a free movies section for 'bite-size psyche'. We keep up-to-date with the latest goings on, and the most random creative outputs. We recommend you waste your lunchbreaks here...

SteepEdge is growing fast, and week-by-week we are adding more films to the site. Last week Neil Gresham's Masterclass training films and Alun Hughes' An Interview with Joe Brown went live, and soon the legendary Masters of Stone Series will be available to download or stream. Once registered you'll receive updates of new films to make sure you don't miss out. Expect honest reviews from our staff, great offers and stacks of inspiration.

With adventure film festivals popping up all over the country, and more of us carting a camera to the crag or sticking a GoPro to a helmet, recording adventures on film is a growing art; exciting, technical, beautiful. SteepEdge is here to support the development of adventure filmmaking – and ensure it's online, available anytime, to watch whenever you need a push.

Visit SteepEdge now and get 50% off your first order with promotional code FB2012.

For more information visit SteepEdge
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