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Haglöfs business concept

To offer a responsible, premium and authentic outdoor brand with products that deliver a high level of function, design and value for people who invest in an active outdoor life.

To do this, Haglöfs have a number of key targets, and links with Environmental associations such as bluesign® and Fair Wear Foundation, which all sit under our ‘Take Care’ label.

At Haglöfs we have great awareness of our impact on nature and people.  Our overriding sustainability policy is quite simple: To minimize our negative environmental impact by developing long-lasting products, by using a sustainable production process and by continuously increasing the proportion of recycled and bluesign® approved materials in our products.

Haglöfs don’t have a specific ‘eco’ collection, instead we try to raise the bar across their entire collection, clothing to hardware, and across the way the company as a whole works and operates.

 Haglofs Original Backpack, 83 kb

Over 40% of Haglöfs clothing sold are bluesign® products.  We are aiming for 80% by 2015.

Haglöfs don’t own any factories, but we do ensure that any we use adhere to our code of labor practices. Production is outsourced but responsibility isn’t.  We ensure good human rights, working conditions and no child labor.  This is why we are a member of the Fair Ware Foundation.  An independent company to ensure our factories complies with strict regulations, and our sustainability values.

Haglöfs will continue to strive to make the best product, using the best materials in the most sustainable way.  We will always try to be as sustainable as possible, but we don’t compromise on quality just to tick the environmental box. 

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