Awesome Walls Sheffield Mini Videos

Work is firmly underway at the new Awesome Walls Climbing Centre Sheffield site. The climbing wall manufactures Rockworks are busy installing steel and climbing surface panels.

A Rockworks spokesperson said, "This is one of the largest climbing wall projects in the country and we are very proud to be able to help Mr Douglas achieve his dream of building a super centre for all to use".

A two tier mezzanine floor is almost complete, this will be instrumental for the viewing of major climbing competitions to be held here.

Awesome Walls Sheffield has already received over 40 applications for jobs with out advertising. Requests to hold competitions and general enquires for childrens clubs and parties have already started to gather momentum.

Mr Douglas M.D. of Awesome Walls Climbing Centres Ltd states, "The progress is amazing, to see a derelict building turn into a hive of enthusiastic workers is great. Everyone working on the project is excited to see it's completion as they all want to climb on it and bring their friends and families!"

Awesome Walls Sheffield is scheduled for opening in September 2013. When asked if anyone special would be opening it Mr Douglas replied "We'd love Jessica Ennis to preform the grand opening but we'll see!"

We've cobbled a few clips on an iPhone and put this together - I don't think the professionals will be getting too worried just yet!

Hopefully these clips will give you a little insight to what's happening at the moment in the world of Awesome Walls Sheffield.

Here's a little more about the project by Vertebrate Graphics.

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For more information visit Awesome Walls
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