CrazyClimb Comes to Kendal

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We are pleased to announce that CrazyClimb will be coming to the Lakeland Climbing Centre in April 2014.

The venue will be the 3rd floor, so for those that know the Kendal Wall this will be directly above the Petzl Main Hall

CrazyClimb is indoor climbing with a difference! It's fun, it's weird, it's wacky, it's totally CRAZY! It is a new exciting activity, proven to be a hit with both adults and children and it’s a really great way to get someone started with climbing but in a fun environment.

Offering imaginative, weird, and completely wacky vertical climbing challenges within a visually stunning and colourful structure, CrazyClimb will be installed as an exciting alternative to our usual instructed climbing sessions.

CrazyClimb can be enjoyed without any previous experience and without any specialist training. Fully automated belay systems remove the need for complicated rope work, gently lowering the climber to the ground from any point on the climb and ensuring that simply anyone can have a go and enjoy the challenge of attempting a CrazyClimb.

Designed to appeal to both adults and children, CrazyClimb offers a memorable experience for all ages, from 5 years to adults. CrazyClimb will be great for fun children's birthday parties, challenging stag and hen parties full of camaraderie.

The work will take place throughout March and will be on our 3rd floor, so don't worry, there will be very little disruption to our main climbing walls.

So if ropes, knots, belaying and struggling up overhangs is just not your bag, or you have a house full of kids to entertain, come and visit the all new KENDAL CRAZYCLIMB this Easter for fun climbing with no stress!  Online booking will be available soon




For more information visit Kendal Wall
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This announcement has been read 2,110 times

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