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Many of you have probably already heard that the iconic British rucksack brand Podsacs had been bought by Sheffield based Planet X towards the end of last year. I imagine that with the increasing crossover between outdoor sports that many UKC devotees are also at least partially familiar with Planet X bikes and On-One mountain bikes. I thought it might be useful to offer UKC readers some more background on Planet X and why we’re so enthusiastic about Podsacs.

Planet X Bikes

Planet X is the UK's fastest growing bike company. We specialise in the manufacture of road bikes under the Planet X brand and mountain bikes under the On-One brand. We are unique in that all of our bikes are designed, developed and assembled right here in Sheffield. Our range of bikes is absolutely unique to Planet X and not available to buy elsewhere. We retail directly through our own domestic and international websites, over the phone and through our own retail outlets in Sheffield, Barnsley, Ireland and Oregon, USA.  Because we manufacture our own products and sell them directly, this massively reduces the supply chain. In the majority of retail scenarios you have a manufacturer, who then sells to a distributor, who then sells to a retailer, who then sells it to you. All the people in that chain have to take a cut. Massively reduce the chain and you massively reduce the cut. So at Planet X we can sell very high spec bikes at a fraction of the cost of competing bike makers. It means that we can sell a full carbon road bike with Shimano Ultegra kit on it for under a grand.

Pro Carbon Shimano Ultegra road Bike - £999.99

PODSACS - Living at Planet X, 138 kb

This might be Double-Dutch spoddy bike-speak to some, but have a word with someone who knows anything about bikes and they'll tell you that it's a ridiculously high spec bike for the price. Come and have a look round our stores in Sheffield or Barnsley, and see just how much you can get for your money. We are very proud of our South Yorkshire base and heritage. There can be few companies growing as quickly as Planet X, and we are growing through innovation, quality of product, and by harnessing the skills and talents of Sheffield.

Anyway, what does this mean for Podsacs? Why has a bike maker taken on a rucksack and climbing equipment brand? Well for starters, the movers and shakers here at Planet X saw a nice symmetry between our own no-nonsense, give-em what they want philosophy and the bombproof, fuss-free design ethic that embodies Podsacs. At Planet X we are ambitious and we want to expand into other markets. But we also have a keen eye for something that's already great. So take Podsacs, maintain it as a climbing brand, but also transfer that design philosophy and knowledge into making packs for biking and running. We were excited about Podsacs because it felt such a natural fit with Planet X.

The biggest immediate effect for Podsacs is that we can now communicate directly with our customers. We’ve reduced prices across the board by 30%. Some prices have been chopped by as much as 75%. We've had feedback that this is too good to be true, but it's actually just made possible by switching to a direct model.

So, the future for Podsacs? We're maintaining the existing range, re-launching some old much loved models, and developing new products. Watch this space; you'll be seeing a Podsacs label on things you've never seen it on before. And it won't just be backpacks or biking packs. We live in exciting times and it will be good news for the climbing consumer.



Podsacs Offers

PODSACS - Living at Planet X, 131 kb

Steel Merchant - £9.99 reduced from £15.50

Simple yet robust crampon bag with roll top closure fastened with quick release buckle. Will keep those sharp crampon points from damaging the rest of your gear in the rucsac. Suitable for all types of crampon.

Rope Bags - £19.99 reduced from £46.00

The original and classic rope bag design made in high quality durable fabrics with extendable rope tarp carries over the shoulder or can be stowed into your pack.

Waste Management Bags - £2.99 reduced from £7.75

Waste solution for biological and synthetic waste in the great outdoors. Keep that poo at bay.

Podsacs CrashPads reduced to £79.99

These normally retail at £125.00. We have a limited number to clear before ordering new stock.


Size 1 Black Ice Backpacks - Now £69.99

We have a surplus of Size 1 Black Ice backpacks that we're now offering at the unbelievable knockdown price of £69.99. Normal retail for these is £155 so they're less than half price. 


Simple Cheap Rope Solution - Now £14.99

Rope Pod This ultimate simple rope tarp is lightweight and fuss-free, easily storing your sport rope, protecting from dirt and grit at the crag and stowing easily into your pack. 


Guidebook Covers large and small only - £3.99

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