Arco Rock Legends 2014, Nominate Patagonia's Alexander Megos

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Alex Megos Sport Climbing, 139 kb

Friday, August 29, 2014 Arco Rock Legends celebrates its ninth edition by assigning, during the Rock Master Festival, the two prestigious sport climbing Oscars entitled Salewa Rock Award and La Sportiva Competition Award. Nominated for the Salewa Rock Award, Patagonia ambassador Alexander Megos has also been nominated for the La Sportiva Competition Award. 

After last year's 9a onsight, Megos certainly didn't stay glued to the sofa. On the contrary, the stopwatch has become the new yardstick to measure his achievements, with 9a+ repeats in less than 2 hours. More impressive though, he has begun to make first ascents at breakneck speed.

The sport climbing Oscars. These are the words used to describe the Arco Rock Legends, the coveted prize that for the last nine years has been awarded to the best sport climbers in the world during the classic Rock Master Festival, the champion's climbing competition that takes place from 28 August to 7 September in Arco (Garda Trentino, Italy). And just like the film Oscars, at these climbing Oscars there is an exceptional jury composed of a select pool of international climbing magazines and, above all, there are some exceptional candidates who left their mark at the crags and in climbing competitions last season. In fact, for the prize given to sport climbs outdoors – the Salewa Rock Award – there are three superb candidates, namely Alexander Megos from Germany, Adam Ondra from the Czech Republic and Muriel Sarkany from Belgium. 

More information on Alexander Megos can be found here.

Alexander Megos is sponsored by: Patagonia, DMM, Entre-Prises ,Tenaya and Blue Water Ropes,

Alex Megos Bouldering, 168 kb

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This announcement has been read 2,113 times

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