Spot Satellite Messenger

SPOT Satellite Messenger #1

Small, light, robust, waterproof and floats, with very long battery life (2 Lithium AAs). It sends your location and brief text messages to emergency services, family and friends.

Foolproof operation with only 4 buttons

1 - ON/OFF button
2 - 999 button - calls emergency services with your exact location
3 - OK button - tells contacts you are OK at a specific location
4 - HELP button - tells contacts you need help at a specific location.

Dispays your messages pinpointed on Google Maps on any internet PC.

Optional extra tracking function(OK messages automated every 10mins) and rescue 'insurance' ( £8 pa. for 2 rescue missions up to £50,000 - great for where rescue services not free!)

User must purchase a separate annual satellite airtime contract to send an unlimited number of messages.

Available now for next day delivery with more details at: The Adventure Trading Post.

For more information visit Adventure Trading Ltd
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