Plas y Brenin, Music and Walking Event

EVENT: Plas y Brenin, Music and Walking #1

12 - 13th February at Plas y Brenin

There's always been a strong connection between the mountains and acoustic music. The peaceful sanctuary of our mountains has inspired countless classic melodies and spawned many a well-known lyric. From haunting ballads, to passionate anthems, our rugged mountainscapes lend themselves willingly to new melodies according to the changing seasons.

Whether you are a musician, vocalist or just an enthusiastic listener, this weekend celebration of acoustic music and mountain walking is a great opportunity to share your love of walking and music with other outdoor enthusiasts and musicians.

You'll arrive on the Friday evening where you'll be able to sign up to the following days activity you'll be able to choose from guided walks, ranging from 'very gentle' to 'highly challenging' so you can pick the level of walk you'd like, a winter skills workshop or a navigation workshop. Afterwards you'll be able to mingle with fellow music enthusiasts in the bar and 'jam' to your hearts content.

Following a hearty breakfast, on Saturday morning you'll head out onto the hills to enjoy the walk of your choice in the company of our guides and instructors.

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For more information visit Plas y Brenin
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