The Climbing Works International Festival 2012

The Climbing Works International Festival (CWIF) returns for its 6th year on the 10th and 11th March 2012.

Getting into the spirit of a weekend of fun c.Nick Brown

The word competition usually bring thoughts of tension, elitism and 'not for me' when it comes to climbers. The CWIF proves that this does not have to be the case and turns the idea of a bouldering competition on its head. No longer is it a 'come and watch', instead it is a 'come and climb'. This is your chance to compete against some of the best climbers in the World. In the CWIF, you pull on the same holds as the elite, see people flash something you can't touch and push yourself that little bit further than you ever have before because you're inspired by those around you.

CWIF 2012 Trailer:

More than that though, it's also a chance to climb alongside your mates (in a friendly or competitive mode – your choice) in the best bouldering wall in the World. You will climb on problems set by some of the best routesetters in Europe, and stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the best competition boulderers in the U.K and beyond.

You can find out more about The CWIF 2012, including how to register at

Tyler Landman going all out in the finals - CWIF 2011

Nalle Hukkataival competing in the Semi-Finals at CWIF 2011
The only major international bouldering competition in the U.K. in 2012, we will strive to meet and go beyond our previous 5 festivals and provide an entertaining 2 days for all the competitors and watching public. The CWIF is indeed a festival, with climbing, FREE BBQ's, FREE physio sessions, DJ's and party's all thrown into the mix. The city of Sheffield is certainly the place to be over this same weekend as once again The CWIF and ShAFF (Sheffield Adventure Film Festival) have worked together to create a weekend of climbing and adventure sports that is unparalleled in the U.K.

2011 was the current peak of 5 years of hard work, innovation and a simple belief that climbers do want to watch the best compete against each other. The 5th annual CWIF brought a new format (2 days instead of 1) to the festival due to the 2010 CWIF being over-subscribed. If you were here you'll know what it was all about. You'll hopefully have woken on Sunday with aching arms and thin skin from going past what you thought was your limit. You probably then recovered with some quality Sunday afternoon food from the FREE BBQ, and then got incredibly psyched to try even harder as you watched the crème de la crème fight it out in the Semi's & Finals.

If you weren't here at The CWIF, you can watch some of the highlights from the weekend on our YouTube and Vimeo pages and view a whole gallery of images on our Picasa site. On we've also got the full weekend, in chronological order, in highlights films, photos and a detailed report. In summary, the grand final on the Sunday saw people squeeze into every corner, with some braving the cold weather to watch through the windows, and they were not to be disappointed. A superb Final stretching the competitors' skills, muscles and mental strength brought the weekend to a fantastic finale.

So why do we do it?
Why organise and put on a competition that costs us around £10k (costs we never get close to covering with sponsorship etc..) and puts most of us into sick beds the following week? Why put on a competition when in the general UK Climbing scene, they're seen as something wrong or uninteresting?

Because it's good to give something back, because it's good to advance competition climbing in the U.K. To showcase competitions for what they are and are not, and finally because it's a lot of fun.

Register now for The CWIF 2012 at The Climbing Works

We'd also like to thank the Sponsors of the CWIF: Scarpa, Berghaus,, Holdz and King Kong for supporting this year's competition.

Zoe Ogden alone on the Berghaus Competition Wall

A note from Mick Ryan, Senior Editor, has been a sponsor of CWIF for the last three years and for good reasons. First off it brings climbers of all abilities together to have great climbing fun and importantly to socialise. We think that this is important, especially when the days are short and the rock damp. Competition is good, whether you are competing at the top levels or just with a group of friends, it helps you to climb better and smarter, that is a reward in itself.

Competition climbing itself is worth supporting and is growing in popularity with possible inclusion in future Olympics; at CWIF you get to boulder with some of the world's best climbers like Nalle Hukkataival, Gerome Pouvreau, Ned Feehally and Johanna Ernst. Many hundreds if not thousands of climbers compete in the UK each year and they need support.

I've just competed in a bouldering competition in upstate New York with my daughter Felicity, she's 11, I'm 50 - we had a complete blast. Now I have CWIF to look forward to in March. I recommend that you make it to The Climbing Works on the 10th/11th March and join the fun - and as an added bonus it's the same weekend as the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival. So get training!

Finally I would like to thank all at The Climbing Works: Brian, Sam, Graeme, Percy and the team who put The CWIF on each year at great expense and effort. Without their vision and hard work we wouldn't have The CWIF which is one of the finest indoor climbing events in the world.

For more information visit The Climbing Works
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