Kendal Wall ? Life on Hold Premier Tour and 5.10 Shoe Demo

"Kendal Wall has to be one of my all time favourite climbing centres. The sheer size of it allows for any climber no matter what level to enjoy themselves, there's now epic amounts of bouldering thanks to the new build just completed and they have some crazy high walls up to 24.5m!"

- Robbie Phillips at

Life on Hold - The Tour, 147 kb

At 8:15pm on 30 March 2012 Kendal Wall will be presenting 'Life on Hold', this will be a part of the exclusive world premier tour in association with 5.10. This is the much anticipated movie from Outcrop films (

Ned Feehally on The Prow at Kyloe in the Woods, 199 kb
Ned Feehally on The Prow at Kyloe in the Woods
© Nick Brown - Outcrop Films

Starting at 3pm in the afternoon, 5.10 will be holding a shoe demo, this will be a great opportunity to try on and try out shoes from the whole 5.10 range and more importantly get advice from members of the 5.10 team and Kendal wall shop staff.

During the afternoon and early evening there will be masterclasses from bouldering champion Ned Feehally to be held in the Marmot Loft. If you haven't been coached before this is a great opportunity to get some pointers from someone who is at the top of their game, even the smallest of changes in technique can make the biggest differences in your performance.

The coaching slots will be by ability so don't feel that it is only for top boulders like Ned, they will be available on a first come first served basis and will only be available to those that have purchase tickets for the film. We expect the coaching to be popular so please book early.

The cost of the film will be £5, all the proceeds of which will be going to our nominated charity which is Kendal Mountain Rescue team.

To book a place email us: or call 01539 721766 and sign up for our e-newsletter @

If you need to come straight from work remember that we have the Creamery café that can supply you with great homemade soup and sandwiches.

In Short

  • Kendal premier of Life On Hold
  • 5.10 Shoe Demo
  • Coaching by Ned Feehally
  • Great climbing
  • Great Food and Drink

Friday: 30 March 2012 Kendal Wall.

Fifth Floor Marmot Bouldering Loft
© LWimages

VIDEO: Size Does Matter

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