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In the South of England an exciting series of bouldering events are on the way for this winter. Gaz Parry has teamed up with Mike Langley, Kornelija Howick and Alex Lemel and has organised a new mouth-watering bouldering festival series - Blocfest. DJ's, a live band, the Reel Rock tour and lots of alternative challenges are planned. The challanges will include: Hangtime - take your body to the max simply by trying to hang for as-long as possible on a volume, and Pumpfest - a challenging circuit, starting easy and finishing hard. The Pumpfest at The Castle Garden Party was a whopping 72 moves.

Blocfest series are five killer bouldering festivals running from October to March. World-class boulder setting at the premier league climbing centres in the South of England will provide a spectacle for all to see and be part of. Blocfest will capture all that is exciting, social, fun and challenging about indoor bouldering. It is a festival that has something for everyone from beginner to junior to climbing hero. You will have a chance to meet the setters, sponsored climbers and the round sponsors. You can come to Blocfest events to have some fun and then make sure you find a good spectator space for a grand final or crush all day and then be in the final – either way no doubt you'll have the bouldering session of your life!

Blocfest's first appearance on the scene was at The Castle's Garden Party a few weeks ago. Party goers were treated to 30 boulders from easy peasy to hard enough to make Jon Partridge sweat, along with the Pumpfest and Hangtime challenges. The Hangtime challenge proved to be a popular against-the-clock event. Simply to see how long you could hang off a volume footless. So popular, it was like watching kids at Christmas playing with the wrapping paper and boxes rather than the presents. Running alongside were the usual Garden Party favourites: BBQ, hand-made clay pizza oven, beer tent, DJ's and the annual Castle Dyno Challenge.

Blocfest, 76 kb

How the series works:

5 Blocfest Events

  • October 20th Mile End, London
  • December 8th Castle, London
  • January 19th Reading
  • Febuary 17th TCA Bristol
  • March 9th Arch, London

  • 25 awesome boulder problems from really easy to seriously funky
  • An inspirational showcase final at each event
  • Free stuff and great prizes at each festival day
  • DJ's or live music at each event
  • Various special challenges

Blocfest Route Setters, 211 kb
Blocfest Route Setters
© Blocfest

Series Partners - Holdz, Boreal, Mountain Hardwear and Rock-On
Round Sponsors - Wild Country, Beal, Prana, Metolius, Evolv, Sportiva, Nourish Me Now, Karma Climbing, New Heights Fitness, Gaz Parry Climbing and DMM
Media Partners - UKClimbing and Climber Magazine
Media Partners - UKClimbing and Climber Magazine

For more information on venues and dates check out the Blocfest website below and like their Facebook page.

For more information visit Blocfest
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