Nissan Juke Presents Thrillseekers Adventure Film Festival

The Adventure Film Festival travels the UK each year showcasing the best in extreme sports and adventure films. Experience an evening of adrenaline-pumping action through a selection of films that celebrate pushing mind and body to the limits. Whether your passion is mountainbiking, skiing, surfing or BASE-jumping, each of our three exciting adventure nights include something for everyone.

Adventure Film Festival Flyer, 182 kb

High Altitude Adventure features big mountain action from the likes of snowboarder Xavier de le Rue to extreme BASE jumping from slacklines over Norwegian Fjords.

Following that, Adrenaline Adventure brings you freestyle kayaking from Ben Marr, a whole world of mountainbiking with Strength in Numbers and award-winning movie, Dark Side of the Lens to name just a few.

Our final evening, Endurance Adventure explores the world from Antarctic expeditions to ultra-running across five continents. A full list of films and more information is on the website below.

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