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This time Leo (UK) and fellow climbers Sean Leary (USA) and Jason Pickles (Salford) head deep into the Amazon in an attempt to make the first ascent of the east face of the remote tepuy; Cerro Autana.

Autana DVD cover., 192 kb
Autana DVD cover.
© Alastair Lee/

The action beings with a covert journey via military check-points and secret ports through Amazonas State. Our team of clandestine climbers disguised as tourists travel down the Orinoco River to the remote village of Ceguera where they make a traumatic psychotropic visit to the local Shaman to gain access to the sacred mountain.

If this man offers you a magic potion, politely refuse., 202 kb
If this man offers you a magic potion, politely refuse.
© Alastair Lee/

From here sweltering humidity, porter chaos and an assortment of jungle nastiest are just a part of this spectacular journey of self-discovery and big wall hunting. Follow our team of redoubtable characters as they find their way up the jungle infested rock face as they are amazed not only at the climbing but a luxury wall camp in the incredible Autana Cave system just below the summit of the Tepuy (highest elevated cave system in the world).

An adventure unlike any other, adventure film making takes another step into the unknown with superb results. Original, experimental, entertaining and visually stunning, Posing Productions presents; Autana.

There are definitely no climbers here., 206 kb
There are definitely no climbers here.
© Alastair Lee/
This part of the jungle is hardcore.
© Alastair Lee/
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