World Premiere: Nanga Parbat's Mazeno Ridge

Days before the start of the London Olympics, two middle-aged British mountaineers, Sandy Allan and Rick Allen, completed the awe-inspiring Mazeno Ridge, hailed since as among the very best British mountaineering achievements in the last 25 years.

Royal Geographical Society 6pm on Thursday 1 November - Tickets Online Here or on the door

The Mazeno Ridge. Photo: Doug Scott

Sandy Allan will be telling this extraordinary story for the first time at the Royal Geographical Society on Thursday 1 November, on behalf of the Mount Everest Foundation – opening a debate about the very soul of climbing: What place does competition have in the mountains?

More familiar stars from the climbing world - Chris Bonington, Kenton Cool and Doug Scott, will share the stage with Sandy to debate whether medals and awards have a place in climbing, without their being ruinous to the integrity of its pursuit.

Kenton Cool will be speaking about his recent trip to Everest to place a1922 Olympic Gold Medal for Alpinism on the summit. Doug Scott will be discussing a camp in the Pamirs in which the Russians wished to promote high altitude climbing as part of the Olympic Games, during which eight Russian women climbers perished on Peak Lenin. Chris Bonington will discuss the essence of climbing.

Chair Ed Douglas

Auction of mountain prints signed by well-known climbers (Hillary, Messner, Bonatti, Habler, Bonington etc)

For more information and for tickets see NOTE: this is a slightly unusual booking procedure; fill out the forms at the base of each page you are taken through. Tickets are also available on the door.

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