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You do not need to be cranking out the high E grades to be a part of an exploratory expedition. At the TXC we believe that a climber with a drive for adventure and a bucket load of common sense is far more valuable than a 'wad' who is all about ticking off the grades.

The Expedition Consultancy has three pioneering expeditions coming up that you may be able to be apart of. They are all timed so climbers can escape the likely dark dreary damp winter months of the UK.

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February 2015 - Exploratory climbing and bouldering expedition to Sudan

Explore and develop boulder problems and routes that will go to produce the first guidebook to the area. Hitch a ride on the back of a donkey cart to a climbing venue full of baboons, vultures and fascinating tribal cultures.

November 2015 – Women's Climbing Expedition to The Sinai Desert

According to stats a third of all climbers are female but this is not represented in the demographics of our team members. We have partnered up with WomenClimb to try to address this. The members of this all women's pioneering climbing trip will pack their kit on camels and head out into the mountains to climb new routes, live with the Bedouin and sleep out under the desert sky.

February 2016 - Deep water solo expedition to The Philippines

If Robinson Crusoe had been a climber it would have been a bit like this. The team will sleep out on pristine white sand beaches, dive for fresh lobsters and fish and oh yes climb their own routes on the plentiful stunning unclimbed limestone walls jutting out over crystal clear tropical water.

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