Hardmoves Boulder League is back!

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Hardmoves Boulder League is back!

This is what the bouldering scene has been eagerly awaiting. Hardmoves is back! The 15/16 season offers numerous gyms the opportunity to compete against one another. The final will be held in the customary venue, the spectacular Schwimmoper swimming pool in Wuppertal, Germany. Expect wet feet, twitchy bums and misty eyes.  >> The League

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60 bouldering gyms - mostly from Germany, but some from Sweden, England, France and Switzerland as well - battling for victory. To the victor goes not only the spoils and the respect of the European bouldering scene, the gym also receives a wildcard for the next round.  >>The Mode

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Bergfreunde is very pleased to be on board. No, scratch that. We are honored to be participating in this event. As one of the three main sponsors, our main task is of course to provide financial support for the event. But for us it is much more than that.

So we decided to support some friends of ours at a participating gym in Berlin. The Berta Block bouldering gym is sending an unofficial Bergfreunde team into the competition. Find out how that is taking shape
>> The Gym

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We'll also be streaming the Superfinal live on March 5th 2016 for those who can't be there at the Schwimmoper in Wuppertal >> The Live-Stream

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See you at the battles!

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