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The first arrivals of Jöttnar’s 2016/17 winter range are here. Five new items join the line-up while all existing ones have been refined and reborn. About to move into their fourth year of trading since launch in 2013, the British company’s range has expanded to 19 items. Their focus remains firmly on meeting the clothing demands of mountaineering and winter climbing, but the new additions add depth to some of their layering categories.

Co-founder Tommy Kelly says, “We had a massive uptake when we launched last year’s range, resulting in many items selling out before autumn had even finished. We’ve significantly increased our production volumes this year so there should hopefully be enough to take us through the winter. Some of the new items have been over three years in development and so it’s a special moment to see them heading out into the wild.

The new products include:

  • Magni – a men’s versatile hooded mid-layer made from Power Stretch® Pro™
  • Hemming – a men’s mid-weight pullover made from Power Stretch® Pro™
  • Erling – a men’s synthetic long-sleeved winter weight base layer
  • Asmund – a women’s shell jacket made from Polartec® NeoShell®
  • Vanir LT – a women’s mountaineering pant made from Polartec® Neoshell®

Jöttnar will continue to sell direct through its website and through its stable of specialist retailers.

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For more information visit Jottnar
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