Climbers Against Cancer to donate £25,000 to the Cancer Research Institute at IFSC Bouldering world cup Press Release

The IFSC Bouldering world cup takes place this weekend in Vail, Colorado. The event will also host Climbers Against Cancer's first donation of 2019. The charity will be donating £25,000.00 to the Cancer Research Institute.

UKC's own Natalie Berry will be on stage to present the cheque along with Marco Jubes, Belgian head of delegation and Punksetter founder. Both of whom have been long time supporters of CAC and were personal friends of founder John Ellison. They will be handing the cheque over to a representative from the institute just after the finals on Saturday afternoon. It is a tribute to everyone who has donated in any way to Climbers Against Cancer. Together we will make a difference ! F**K Cancer !

About Climbers Against Cancer

"In Life We Are All Climbers"

Through the worldwide climbing community, we aim to increase awareness and raise funds for research in the continued fight against a disease that affects so many. Climbers Against Cancer is a none profit organisation, with all proceeds donated directly to cancer research facilities throughout the world.

Funds are raised through the sale of our brightly coloured CAC t-shirts, warm and comfy hoodies, cool underwear and climbing holds via the website. Many fundraising events have taken place around the world with supporters selling the charity garments, climbing the height of famous mountains at their local walls/gyms, running marathons and many other interesting initiatives.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone around the world who is supporting Climbers Against Cancer. Whether a star of competition climbing, mountaineering, recreational climbing, someone just starting out in the sport or maybe a family member or friend. You have all played a very important role in getting the charity noticed around the globe. By wearing the brightly coloured t-shirts, hoodies etc. with pride we are collectively sending out a message of positivity, happiness and strength to a disease that unfortunately affects so many either directly or indirectly.

For more information visit Climbers Against Cancer

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