The Nest - New climbing wall in Hayes, West London Press Release

The Nest is set to open in September 2019 and will be London's newest climbing wall. Based in the iconic Old Vinyl Factory, Hayes the centre brings a new breed of climbing gym to the capital.

At the heart of the building will be a full height 70m unbroken bouldering wall. A fully equipped gym and fitness studio will provide a well-rounded fitness experience, whilst the workspace and cafe will be the perfect space to get inspired, or relax with a coffee.

The Nest will be one of the best indoor climbing spots in the country, with floor to ceiling windows providing a huge amount of natural light, and an advanced chalk filtering and cooling system ensuring perfect conditions whenever you climb. The goal at The Nest has always been to create an awesome community around the sport we love, and we're confident that with our unique space we won't fail to deliver!

There's one last thing...the centre is in its final stages of the build and now we need your help to carry us over the line. Your early support via our crowdfunder campaign will give you access to the best rates available, including up to 40% off the price of adult climbing membership.

For more information visit The Nest

19 Aug

I know you mentioned a cooling system in there but I'd be very concerned about those floor to ceiling windows turning the place into a greenhouse in summer. Warms temps + bouldering don't mix.

If it does turn into a sweat box you should be able to cover over the windows easily enough though.

19 Aug

West London has a surplus of bouldering venues now.

Westway, Arch Acton, Parsons Green, Harrowall, Ravencourt Park wall, and now Hayes.

I hope they drive the prices down.

19 Aug

Unlikely, as even tho I live in West London, how often would I/do I go to Hayes? Once every five years at a stretch...

19 Aug

Yeah I think this one will more draw in people from outside London (Slough, Maidenhead etc) rather than people from West London generally. Hayes is pretty far from the others.

That said, there are a lot of bouldering places opening/open in London particularly in the West. I wonder if we're in a bit of a boom right now and I wonder if some might close down if there's a bit of a shrink after the boom?

19 Aug

I hope people might open climbing centres rather than bouldering centres.

Another top notch place to lead would be great.

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